Pen Is Mightier Than Sword Best Expansion of Ideas 2024


 A Pen Is Mightier

        The capability of writing is more (Pen Is Mightier) significant than the power of a war. A sword and a pen never works by itself there is always someone who controls it or operates it. The writer who fights with the help of a Pen is always influential in the world rather than a fighter. The sword represents Violence and Dominance whereas the Pen represents Power, influence and Non- Violence. Many writers have fought against many violent practices in History.

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          Example: Sati Pratha, education barriers to the girl Child, child marriages etc. All these practices. were stopped by the Pen. Hence, Pen always works for the welfare of people as compared to the sword. The Power of Pen of writing is infinite while the Power of Sword is Temporary. and causes much harm to the human beings wise people choose. of a sword. We have brains for thinking and writing, a pen instead, not far from fighting. English author Edward Bulwer Lytton indicated it in 1839. A pen can accomplish a lot more than a word. 

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