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Best Courses After 10th in Commerce


          Hey there, are you a 10th-grade student who has still not decided what course to choose after 10th? If yes, then worry not, we are here to guide and help you to decide the career-changing decision or should I say the life-changing decision of your life. Wait, before going to the main content of this blog, let’s get to know about some basic things.

          Do you know how many streams are available after the 10th? Ok Ok, I understand that you all know about it. Even so, let’s make it clear. There are three streams available after 10th for students like commerce, science, and arts.

          In this blog, our main focus is on the commerce stream, its core subjects, various courses they offer, the scope for them, and various career options available after the course completion which will help you to take one step towards your career and dream. Knowing what a commerce stream is? Is very much required to understand the main idea of this blog. So now without wasting any more time let’s begin with this enlightening blog.

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Commerce Stream

          For those who are wondering what is commerce stream? Here’s the answer – This  stream is one of the three available streams. It is a resourceful stream that offers a variety of career options. The main focus of the this stream is to give students knowledge related to business, economics, trade, and accountancy. It gives knowledge to the students related to the most essential skills like fast thinking, problem-solving, and communication. The scope for commerce students is high.

          The commerce stream is one of the most suitable choices for students who are interested in accounting, finance, marketing, and the economy and are willing to build their careers in them. This course even helps students to inculcate knowledge related to marketing, human resource, statics, and many more. This stream has various career opportunities in Fields like banking, accounting, finance, human resource, business administration, and even insurance.

List Of Commerce Courses After 10th

          Now the commerce courses after the 10th let’s say for 11th going students have three paths which further allow them to choose any one among them and take a step towards their career-building process. Hey wait, I almost forgot to inform you about the compulsory and optional subjects in this stream. The table given below shows the list of optional and compulsory subjects in this stream. Let’s go through them.

Commerce With Maths

          Students who like mathematics often choose this stream with Maths. This course is plus point for those who are willing to choose accountancy, Finance, or any other field related to statics. The concepts we learn in commerce mathematics help us to clear the base, gain problem-solving skills, fast calculation of accounts and even lead to the development of a strong foundation for business. 

          List of subjects in Commerce with maths:

  1. English
  2. Accountancy
  3. Mathematics
  4. Business Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Any other language

Commerce Without Maths

          Are you a student who doesn’t like maths but is willing to take this stream? If yes, then let me tell you something- You can opt for this stream without a maths subject. Yes, you read it right. This course is suitable for those who don’t want to take math. This course gives students the skills and knowledge in communication, problem-solving skills, and business knowledge.

          List of subjects in Commerce without Maths stream:

  1. English 
  2. Accountancy
  3. Secretarial Practice
  4. Business Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Any other language

Commerce IT

          Commerce with IT(Information Technology) is the best choice for those students who are interested in Technology and are willing to take the this stream. Here comes the important thing that is to be kept in mind for students willing to take this stream with IT, is that, if you want to take any IT-related graduation course you should opt for mathematics as maths is compulsory for students who are opting for those courses.

          List of subjects in Commerce IT:

  1. English
  2. Accountancy
  3. Information Technology
  4. Business Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Mathematics or Secretarial Practice

Career Options After 10th In Commerce Stream

There are various career options available for this course students. Let’s go through them one by one.

Career Options For Commerce With Maths Students

          Here comes the most important question that comes to mind of almost every student, “What are the career options available for commerce with maths students?“ Now let’s look into the answer- Various career options are available for this stream with maths students as they are in great demand in today’s business industry or any other industry. Some of the career options are listed below:

  1. Chartered Accountant (CA): It is one of the most recognized designations across the world. The job of a CA is to maintain all the financial records of the business or an organization.
  2. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA): The work of a CMA is to analyze all financial performance of the company the throughout the year.
  3. Company Secretary (CS): The main job of a CS is to corporate law and governance. They are responsible for the business and the company to comfy the rules and regulations given by the government.
  4. Human Resource Manager:  Their job is to hire, train, and built team spirit among the employees.
  5. Business Analyst: Business analysts understand the needs of businesses and develop solutions to improve their performance. They work for organizations of all ranges in various industries.

Career Options For Commerce Without Maths Students

          Here’s the most important part which is the career options for commerce without a maths background. There are many career options available for them in today’s business-minded world. So some of the career options available after completion of this course are as follows:

  1. Business Analyst: Their work is to understand the needs of businesses and develop solutions to improve their performance. They work can for organizations of all sizes in various industries.
  2. Marketing Manager: They develop and execute marketing plans. Marketing managers also work for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.
  3. Human Resources Manager: Human resources managers recruit, hire, and train employees. They also develop compensation and benefits plans and manage employee relations.
  4. Sales Representative: Their work is to sell products or services to companies and consumers. 

Career Options For Commerce IT Students

  1. Customer Service Representative: In this job, you need to provide support to customers who have questions or problems with a product or service. 
  2. Office Manager: Office managers look into the day-to-day performance and work of an office. They are responsible for tasks such as budgeting, hiring, firing employees, and even for maintaining office supplies.
  3. Web Developer: Their job is to design, develop, and maintain websites. They are also capable to work for businesses of all fields in a variety of industries.
  4. Software Engineer: Software engineers design, develop, and test software. They are also eligible to work for businesses in all the fields available in industries.
  5. IT Consultant: Their job is to provide advice and support to businesses on a variety of IT-related technical problems. They even have the opportunity to work for businesses of all ranges in a variety of industries.

Career-Oriented Courses In Commerce

          If you are looking for career-oriented courses after the 10th then, here’s the list of the top career courses after 10th

  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA): This career-oriented course helps students to establish foundational knowledge in business and administration.
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting: The aim of this course is to develop skills in fields like finance and taxation.
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance: In this course, students get to gain core knowledge related to the banking and finance sector.
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP): This certified course covers all the topics related to financial planning like investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning,  and many others.


          Now we are at the conclusion part of this enlightening blog on courses after 10th in the commerce stream. Here, we talked about all the streams available after the 10th for students and discussed the core idea of the course this stream is mostly suitable for students willing to learn or want to have careers in fields like finance, banking, accountancy, economics, and statistics.

          We have also gone through all the available courses in this stream after 10th like Commerce with Maths for students interested in learning mathematics, commerce without Maths for students who are not willing to opt for mathematics, and Commerce IT for students who are willing to gain knowledge in technology. But keep one thing in mind students willing to build their career in the IT field must opt for mathematics as it is a must for taking admission to an IT-related graduation degree.

          The list of all the compulsory and optional subjects is mentioned, you can go through them once. We have also seen some of the career-oriented courses available after the 10th in the field of this stream. Take note that we have also mentioned all the career options available for all the listed this stream courses. We hope that this blog will guide you and help you to choose the right course after 10th in commerce.


Most frequent questions and answers

The benefits of taking commerce after 10th is that, it teaches students most required skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. These skills are essential for success in any field.

  • English 
  • Accountancy
  • Business studies
  • Economics

In the commerce stream, you can go for courses like- 

  • commerce with maths 
  • commerce without maths
  • commerce IT
  • Career-oriented courses
  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The right commerce course for you depends on your knowledge, career option, personal preference, and your dream job so think thoroughly before making the decision.

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