100+ Musical Instruments Names In Hindi And English

These tools of melody, rhythm, and pure sonic joy have graced human culture since the dawn of time. The study of these instruments, known as Organology, reveals a rich tapestry of sounds and traditions across India, woven into four distinct categories:

1. Ghan-Vadya: The melodic percussion where sticks, bells, and manjire take center stage, striking out rhythms that dance with the soul.

2. Avandha-Vadya or Dhol: The powerful drum family, where instruments like the dholak, wrapped in leather, pulsate with a primal beat that stirs the very ground.

3. Sushir-Vadya: The enchanting flutes, where breath becomes music, weaving tales of wind and song through thin tubes like the bansuri.

4. Tat-Vadya: The soulful strings, where sitar and others sing with the vibration of taut threads, composing stories in melodies.

We have Here is a list of 100+ Musical Instruments Names In Hindi And English further in the blog.

100+ Musical Instruments Names In Hindi And English

Here is a list of 100+ Musical Instruments Names In Hindi And English:

Hindi Name English Translation Transliteration
ताल Cymbals Taal
मंजीरा Finger cymbals Manjira
घुंघरू Ankle bells Ghunghroo
डफ Frame drum Daf
खंजरी Tambourine Khanjari
खोल Clay drum Khol
मृदंग Barrel drum Mridang
तबला Double-headed drum Tabla
पखावज Cylindrical drum Pakhawaj
धोलक Hand drum Dholak
ढोल Large drum Dhol
नगाड़ा Kettle drum Nagada
दारु Stringed instrument Daru
सितार Long-necked lute Sitar
सुरबहार Bass lute Surbahar
वीणा Plucked string instrument Veena
सारंगी Spike fiddle Sarangi
तंबूरा Drone lute Tanpura
रबाब Rebec Rabab
कंजीरा Bowed lute Kanjira
इकतारा One-stringed drone Ektara
तुंबी Clay pot drum Tumbi
बीन Reed pipe Been
शहनाई Oboe Shehnai
सुर्पट Drone pipe Surpat
आल्गोजा Double-reed pipe Algoja
मुरली Flute Murali
शंख Conch shell Shankh
घंटा Bell Ghanta
हारमोनियम Harmonium Harmonium
पियानो Piano Piano
बांसुरी Bamboo flute Bansuri
वायलिन Violin Violin
गिटार Guitar Guitar
ड्रम Drum Drum
तुरही Trumpet Turhi
तرومबोन Trombone Trombone
बाजा Trumpet Baja
सारंगी Fiddle Sarangi
डफली Frame drum Dafli
डमरू Hourglass drum Damru
करताल Clappers Kartaal
घटा Clay pot drum Ghatam
जलतरंग Water bowl instrument Jal Tarang
मटका Clay pot drum Mataka
खंज Jew’s harp Khanj
गंजिरा Ankle bells Gangiara
छेका Mouth harp Cheka
चंग Drum Chang
रिंगिंग बेल Handbells Ringing Bell
काष्ठ झंकार Woodblock Kaashth Jhankaar
घुंघट Veils with bells Ghunghat
नल Bamboo pipes Nal
चिमटा Tongs Chimta
खल Mortar and pestle Khal
घड़ा Water pot Ghada
थाली Plate Thali
चक्र Wheel Chakra
कंघी Comb Kanghi
चम्मच Spoon Chamach
पत्तियां Leaves Patte
लकड़ी Stick Lakdi
हवा Wind Hawa
आवाज Voice Awaaz
शरीर Body Sharir
ताल Rhythm Taal
स्वर Melody Swar
धुन Tune Dhun


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