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Best Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 150 Words

Lachit Borphukan Essay in English

Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 150 Words

           Emperor Chakradhwaj Singh appointed Lachit Borphukan as the commander-in-chief of the Ahom army. he led the defense of the Ahom kingdom against the Mughal army led by Mir Jumla II. He resisted the Mughal attempts to cross the Brahmaputra river and enter the Ahom country, thus saving the Ahoms.

           As it was one of the few times when a regional government successfully defended itself against the demonic Mughals, the Battle of Saraighat is considered an important event in the history of both, Assam and India. He is considered a hero in Assam and his leadership and tactics are still revered. In Assam, his achievements are honored every year as Divas.

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Who was the last king of the Ahoms?

The last king of the Ahoms was Purandar Singha (1818–19, 1833–1838). He was installed as king twice, first in 1818 CE after the deposition of Chandrakanta Singha by Ruchinath Burhagohain.

The Ahom Kingdom of Assam, a powerful kingdom in northeastern India, successfully defended its territory from the Mughal Empire, a vastly larger and more powerful empire, on seventeen occasions between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal emperor, never personally led an army against the Ahom kingdom of Assam. However, he did make several attempts to conquer Assam during his reign.

The Ahom kings adopted Hindu names in addition to their Ahom names. The Hindu name they adopted was followed by the title “Singha” (Assamese: Lion). This practice began with Suhungmung, who adopted the Hindu name “Swarga Narayan” in the 17th century.

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