Yes. NCERT is enough for JEE Mains.

Preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a significant milestone for many aspiring engineers in India. With thousands of study materials and coaching institutes available, there’s often confusion about whether relying solely on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks is adequate for cracking JEE MAINS. Following are reasons why NCERT is enough for JEE MIANS:

1. Strong Foundation

NCERT textbooks and syllabi are designed purely by experts to provide a strong foundation in various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The syllabi of NCERT covers the concepts necessary and asked for JEE, both MAINS and ADVANCED. JEE MAINS predominantly tests candidates on their understanding of basic as well as advanced concepts, making NCERT an invaluable resource.

2. Alignment with JEE Syllabus

One of the primary advantages of NCERT books is their alignment with the JEE MAINS syllabus. The topics covered in the NCERT syllabus is the base for the questions asked in JEE examinations. This makes it easy for the candidates to study for JEE without referring books rather than other books for JEE.

3. Clarity and Simplification

NCERT textbooks are known for their clarity and simplification of complex topics. The language used is straightforward, making it easier for students to understand intricate concepts without feeling overwhelmed. This simplicity is particularly beneficial for JEE aspirants as it aids in better retention and application of concepts during the exam.

4. Practice Questions and Exercises

Apart from theory and concept, NCERT textbooks also offer an exercise which consists of practice questions and MCQs at the end of each chapter. These questions ask the understanding of the theory and concept of the chapter. Practice of these exercises helps not only in having good knowledge of the chapter, but also all solving of all doubts related to the same.

5. Study Material

While JEE has the base of NCERT syllabi, it is important to not rely solely on NCERT textbooks but also have a subtle knowledge and practice of other reference books too. However, NCERT is the cornerstone with the help of which students can build their understanding and have knowledge of the chapter in depth.


NCERT books are undoubtedly the most important for JEE MAINS. They lay out a strong foundation, run parallel to JEE syllabus, simplify hard topics, and offer a sea of practice opportunities. While additional study material can help in preparation, NCERT remains irreplaceable for aspirants aiming to crack the JEE MAINS examination. So, study NCERT with all your passion, and so you will be able to crack the JEE MAINS.


Is NCERT enough for JEE MAINS?

Yes. NCERT is enough for cracking JEE MAINS. A thorough and in-depth study of NCERT will surely help in cracking JEE.

Is NCERT enough for JEE MAINS Chemistry?

Yes. NCERT is enough for JEE MAINS Chemistry. A thorough and in-depth study of NCERT concepts and theory will surely help in JEE chemistry.

Is NCERT enough for JEE MAINS Maths?

Yes. NCERT is enough for JEE MAINS Maths. A thorough and in-depth study of NCERT practice questions will surely help in JEE MAINS Maths.

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