Inthandam Lyrics in English

Inthandam Lyrics in English

Inthandam Lyrics in English

Inthandham dhaari mallindhaa

Bhoomipaike cherukunnadhaa

Lekunte chekki untaara

Achchu neelaa shilpa sampada

Has such beauty taken a diversion

And somehow reached this earth

Or could they have chiseled it

A great sculpture into your form

Jagatthu choodani

Mahatthu needhele

Nee navvh thaake

Tharinche thapassilaa

Nisheedhu lanni

Thalonche thushaaraanivaa

You are a magnificence the world has not seen

My waiting is blessed touched by your laughter

Are you the mist that night bow out to

Needhe velu thaaki

Nele inchu paiki

Thele vintha vaikhari

Your touch makes the earth swell

How strange

Veede veelu leni

Edho maaya loki

Laage pilla themparee

Nadhilaa dhooketi

Nee paita sahaja gunam

Pulilaa dhaagundi

Vetaade paduchudhanam

Into no return zone by your enchantment

I am being pulled into it

Your sari cascading is its natural trait

Crouching like a tiger in the youth

Daasohamandhinaa prapanchame

Adhantha nee dhaye

My world surrenders and it’s thanks to you

Chilake koka katti

Ninne chuttumutti


Visukkune vellaadu chandamaamaye

Nuvvunte naa panentane

Ee nelake digenu koti taarale

Neek antha vennelentane

Annoyed moon left at once

Asking what he should do when you are around

A billion stars descended on earth

To find what gave you such soft light

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